The Web Framework for Modern JavaScript Era

H(TTP) server framework built for high performance and portability running in any JavaScript runtime.

The Web Framework for Modern JavaScript Era

Runtime Agnostic

Your code will work on any JavaScript runtime including Node.js, Bun, Deno and Workers.

Small and Tree-shakable

h3 core is super lightweight and tree-shakable, only what you use will be included in the the final bundle.


Expand your server and add capabilities. Your codebase will scale with your project.

Fast Router

Super fast route matching using unjs/radix3

UnJS ecosystem

Built on top of powerful UnJS ecosystem powering Nitro, Nuxt and more frameworks!

Made for Humans

Elegant minimal API to implement HTTP handlers compatible with Web-Standards.


Compatibility layer with node/connect/express middleware.

Type Friendly

Codebase fully written in TypeScript with strongly typed utils.

Made by community